Information for hauliers

Designated Route

Hauliers leaving site must turn left from the quarry entrance and follow the C143 Birchover Road, Barton Hill,  Main Street (Birchover) and The Mires to the Eagle Tor junction with the B5056, and should follow the same route at all times when returning to the site. Lees Road to and from Stanton Lees village and the C143 Birchover Road to and from Stanton-in-Peak village must not be used to gain access to the quarry.

Avoidance of Quarry Traffic During School Bus Times

All customers and suppliers using commercial vehicles should not travel to and from the site between 07:40hrs and 08:30hrs, nor between 15:10hrs and 15:30hrs, nor between 16:30 and 16:45hrs.

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